Ethic Or Aesthetic


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Mark Old Flo, old school. Favorite track: Old Flo.
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The contours of the land reflect in you Mother and son, one made from two Balance the object, pierce the form The Family Of Man divided, split and torn Winged Figure watching over you Solace sought in materials Tragedy becomes ethereal A rationale, a mystic link Coping through marble, bronze and zinc Winged Figure watching over you
From an underground platform To the streets of Bow Reclined for all time You looked so at home Old Flo, where did you go? A gift to the people Who worshipped you Now you've gone from where you belong "La Beauté Est Dans La Rue" Old Flo, where did you go?
High rise living Sky high rents Usher in a higher class Of residents A building's a structure And the people who live in it Don't divorce the reality And just take the image It's New New New New New New New New New New New New New Brutalism Recast social housing As an object of desire Push out the people it was built for As the rents climb up higher If your ex-council house Is now a luxury flat Wouldn't you agree that there's some Politics in that It's New New New New New New New New New New New New New Brutalism
And new Constructivists jump Into the white beyond I have breached The Blue Lampshade At one stage a second, follow me The form of a square Clear out And they found novels, colours, paintings, and imagining themselves Have forgotten irreconcilable war Loses its poems, posters, slogans The blue of the sky's been breached A path lies across space
Break me down My flesh flakes off The future of last century Just left to rot Buildings crumble Turn into dust Concrete disintegrated And metal rusts Concrete car parks Shopping malls Knock them down Destroy them all The death of history Is here to stay Heritage retracted And thrown away


Cassettes are available through Win Big Records:

Hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NOVYI LEF take their name from a 1920's Russian art publication and deliver powerful, passionate, political synth-punk, via analogue synth squeals and danceable beats.

Providing the electronic backbone of the band, Tom's synthesisers rumble and scream, while Euan's powerful delivery of lyrics on art and architecture provides a visceral focal point. Taking their cues from bands like LCD Soundsystem and The Normal, NOVYI LEF present a modern take on art school, post-punk synth sounds, giving you food for thought and plenty to dance to.

Ethic or Aesthetic, the band's first EP, features songs on 20th century artworks, architecture, the politics of housing and the utopian spirit of the modernist movement. Utilising samples of artists speaking and of buildings being destroyed, alongside screeching analogue synths and Euan's passionate vocals, Ethic or Aesthetic is a statement of intent, almost two years in the making. NOVYI LEF are staking their claim as a politically conscious, artistic band, marrying an interest in the aesthetics of the mid-20th century and the ethics that gave birth and meaning to it. They pose the same question as Rayner Banham in his infamous treatise on The New Brutalism – Ethic, or Aesthetic?


released August 24, 2018

All tracks written, recorded and performed by NOVYI LEF

Mixed and mastered by Brendan Ratliff (


all rights reserved



NOVYI LEF Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Taking their name from a 1920's Soviet arts publication, Novyi Lef (pronounced No-wee Leff) offer an angry, political take on electroclash, plying their trade in architectural punk via analogue synth screams and squeals.

Euan // Tom
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